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A Bold Change

Children face more than one challenge at a time.

We all know it’s not easy being a kid. But for some, the challenges stack up. Children living in poverty face overwhelming barriers. Many can’t imagine growing up happy, healthy, resilient and strong.

Stress at home and school can lead to emotional and social challenges. Access to healthy food options compounds the problem, affecting performance and behavior at school.

These children often have fewer support networks to help with these challenges. The good news is there are nonprofits to serve children living in poverty, but their approaches are often fragmented.

Families face gaps in services

Hundreds of nonprofits exist to help Colorado’s youth. Most effectively focus on singular issues, addressing one challenge at a time. While the impact these nonprofits is having is substantial, the reality is at-risk children face multiple, complex challenges.

They need support from multiple providers. But going from program to program is a slow process and can leave gaps in care. Making matters worse, their parents don’t always know where to turn for help.

It’s time to rethink our approach.

New Direction

It's Time to PIVOT

Let's Connect the Dots

PIVOT is connecting the dots to make it easier for children and families to get the support they need. We’re building new collaborations and ensuring donor dollars do more for youth in Colorado.

PIVOT creates life-changing, measurable outcomes for children in Colorado. Kids in our collaborative programs face several challenges that require a unique, bundled solution. We develop partnerships and fund wrap-around, fully-integrated support services.

Together, we provide support for children’s academic success, nutrition, mental wellness and career readiness. All through one program.

Our approach leads to stronger outcomes. It’s more efficient. Best of all, it makes it easier for children and families to get the full support they need.

Together, we can provide support for the whole child.

PIVOT imagines a more efficient approach. One that leads to greater life-changing results for the youth of Colorado. Working together, we can make sure children in our community are prepared to the best of their abilities so they can go to college, pursue a career, become a parent or follow whatever their dream is.

We invite you to learn more about our collaborations and see the impact we’re making.